“Music is what feelings sound like.” If there was one quote to summarize what I do, that would be it. I believe in the power of music to express what we cannot through words.

Having the opportunity to experience and live in two diverse musical worlds - the hip hop and gospel culture of Atlanta, and the electronic dance scene of Paris, France, I believe my musical vision is a reflection of these eclectic and unique genres. Seeking to observe tradition, but also to experiment and reach towards finding new and undiscovered ideas, as a drummer and electronic-music producer, I am always looking to broaden my musical vocabulary. Ultimately, this is what inspires me to find new means of exploring music and sound.

My musical pursuits as a drummer and producer led me to find a new outlet for my creativity: sound design for film. Having the potential to experiment with the sound manipulation techniques I had learned through music production and synthesis inspired me to pursue creating sound in a different form of story-telling, not just through music, but through film as well. 
The means of story telling through music is the greatest gift I have ever been given. 

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